We Would Very Much Like To See Free Competition Over Siberia, And Have Lobbied For This On Several Occasions, An Sas Spokesman Said.

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"Most of these Asian routes will never happen if we are not allowed to fly over Siberia. It would be so much more expensive that we haven't even bothered to do the maths." Norway's transport ministry said it plans to bring up the case during the first half of 2017. "Norwegian authorities are continuously assessing how these rights may best be secured in the negotiations with Russia," it wrote in a statement. Scandinavian Airlines said it would not stand in the way of a new deal, while Russia's flights authority did not immediately comment. "We would very much like to see free competition over Siberia, and have lobbied for this on several occasions", an SAS spokesman said. Norwegian Air, which has previously said it would be interested in flying direct to China, Japan, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan, hopes a new deal will open up the route to other airlines and aims to take a larger share of the Asia-to-Europe market, helped by its ability to offer cheaper airfares. And with an increasing number of flights between the U.S and Europe, Norwegian Air believes it can create a new "highway" from the U.S. to Asia via Norway's capital. "Right now we are stopped by this outdated deal, but we hope that will change," the spokeswoman said, adding it would also consider direct routes to several Russian cities.

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