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The Biggest Instagram Fashion Trends of Summer 2017 - Vogue

If you follow a few—or a few dozen—fashion influencers on Instagram, you might just think a Cult Gaia bag was the only one worth having this summer. It’s near impossible to scroll through your feed without seeing the brand’s famous Ark clutch , which launched in 2016 and comes in natural bamboo as well as multicolored acrylics. It’s the kind of accessory that was—intentionally or not—made for Instagram, because it’s structured, statement-y, and goes perfectly with other “blogger” items like wrap dresses and gladiator sandals. The thing is, a wooden clutch also doesn’t collapse, so you can’t pack it in a suitcase, and there’s no shoulder strap—so wearability is pretty limited. 4) Lucite shoes, popularized by Yeezy, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, and . . . strippers? Once upon a time, Lucite heels were associated with “stripper shoes,” aka super high, chunky-platform stilettos, sometimes with floating glitter inside. Now, see-through shoes are sort of ironic-yet-charming.

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Around lunchtime on Thursday, she posted a photo of it on her Twitter account, with the caption “Wired just published another issue in which all the features were written by men.” By the end of the workday, it had been retweeted nearly 1,000 times. For a few hours at least, social media was distracted with the expression of outrage about something unrelated to President Trump. “This reminds me of when Jon Stewart responded to Jezebel’s criticism by having his fem support staff sign a letter saying he was not sexist,” said Emily Nussbaum, the Pulitzer Prize-winning television critic for The New Yorker, in a tweet that was later deleted. Anna Holmes, the former editor of Jezebel, responded to Ms. Nussbaum with a tweet of her own , saying, “It’s almost worse: this both tries to deflect criticism *and* directly panders via ultimately empty name-checking of Obama, Moss, RBG, etc.” Had the interpretation been different from the one Mr. Thompson expected when he signed off on the page? “Yes. Completely,” he wrote in an email. As the online hubbub crescendoed, Mr. Thompson tweeted a statement from the Wired executive editor, Maria Streshinsky , that made reference to the recent release of the movie “Wonder Woman” and said, in part, “It seemed like a good time to honor our ‘wonder women’ who get the magazine out, and that simply isn’t support staff.” Driving the reaction, presumably, is the subject of female representation that has vexed every facet of the technology industry, including the publications that cover it. As Ms.

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