An In-depth Analysis Of Major Issues Of Bathing Suits

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However, aside from Abundant Style , a department-store-brand consignment store in Doylestown set to close at the end of May, Curve Conscious is the only one of its kind in the Philadelphia area. And, Ray says, her Brewerytown location is slowly emerging as a gathering space for the city’s most fashionable women. That night,  PlusSizeMePlz , a local event-planning company, sponsored a wine, cheese, and shopping party at the store. Still, Ray is acutely aware of the challenges. Women’s brick-and-mortar retail is suffering. To date, Ray has invested about $20,000 — $10,000 from her own savings, plus a $10,000 grant from the Enterprise Center — and she has yet to turn a profit. To make ends meet, Ray drives for Lyft when she’s not working at the store. Still, says Elissa Bloom, executive director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, Curve Conscious has potential, especially in an up-and-coming neighborhood, because it taps into issues millennials find important, such as affordability and sustainability. In 2015, Ray decided she wasn’t passionate about her work as a copywriter. She was, however, passionate about clothing. And finding affordable clothing in her size — that she also liked — had always been a challenge.

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